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december 14, 2002
The second movie Ghost in the shell is announced by Production IG for spring 2004 !! Mamoru Oshii is the director, and Studio Ghibli are in the staff ! The name of this new movie ? Innoncence Ghost in the shell:-)
[Production IG (anglais)]
[Production IG (japonais)]

Octobre 2002
The Ghost in the shell : stand alone complex DVD is available in pre-order at online shops, as CDJapan
October 2002
This is the website of Bandai Visual about Ghost in the shell : Stand alone complex
thanks to Tsuka for the reminder ^_^;
There is 3 trailers and other things...
[Bandai GITS:SAC]
30 octobre 2002
The wallpaper contest on Production IG is done. Results !
[Production IG]
october 29, 2002
"Mice Designed by Famous Anime Artists.
Masamune Shirow and Hajime Katoki (Gundam) have decided to apply their creative design skills to a new line of limited edition optical mice."
Mirrors : et and Elecom
october 10, 2002
2 smalls videos from GITS:SAC are available on the Production IG web site.
(But the fansubbs are already availables on the wired...)
[Production IG]
september 9, 2002 (in late, sorry ^^)
A new video game from Ghost in the shell is in the for the Playstation 2 has started development...
[Production IG]
september 26, 2002
Dark Horse will release GITS2:MMI the 30th october in USA !
september 5, 2002
The 3 trailers ripped from the DVD of Appleseed CG movie are downloadables !
august 31, 2002
The GITS:SAC trailer is downloadable !
UPDATE 01/09 : As all the servers are downs, I decided to upload this unofficial trailer.
august 2002
Production IG has released a wallpaper contest about Ghost in the shell : Stand alone complex on their site.

august 10, 2002
A Ghost in the shell 2 doujinshi is available !

We are actually creating a community website on Masamune SHIROW.

We are thinking about a website that is really worthy of him, such as the one from puto's ( for exemple, but who is unfortunately not updated anymore :(
The difference will be the plurality of the authors of this new website, which will allow better content, better updates, etc.. :)
It will also be translated in several languages: French, English, but also, as we hope for it, in japanese.


On the [scans] page, you might find what you're looking for, because there is plenty scans of Ghost in the Shell 2 : Man Machine Interface (Solid Box and Standard Version) from our dear Masamune Shirow (士郎正宗).

Actually, the main purpose of this page, was , at first, to allow everyone to see MMI as it was at the moment only available in the Solid Box version, affordable for less than 1500 French francs (200 USD or 229 EUR) ! Now that the standard version is available for 150 FRF (23 EUR) in any importer, this website doesn't have any reason to continue... But still, I've become attached to it!
So, I will continue to make it evolve more or less, according to my inclinations :)
A plus forte raison qu'en cette année 2002, l'actualité de Masamune Shirow bouge beaucoup ! On apprend qu'Appleseed va devenir un film en images de syntheses (Computer Graphics - CG) : Appleseed the movie, que Kokaku Kidotai 2, Ghost in the shell 2 : Man Machine Interface, va sortir aux Etats-Unis en octobre, et enfin, comble du bonheur, que la serie TV n'est plus une rumeur, qu'elle sortira elle aussi sur les ecrans japonais en octobre, et qu'elle se nomme Ghost in the shell : Stand alone complex !
Bref, que de bonnes raisons pour conserver cette page vivante, en attendant que le site de notre projet communautaire (voir ci-dessus) sur Masamune Shirow voie le jour... (sorry, but it's safer for your ears that I dont write in english ^_^)

You can see all the [differences] between the Short Cut version (Solid Box) and the standard version of Ghost in the shell 2.

I've also added a [translations] page which will contain all the translations of Man Machine Interface that I could find on the wired.

On the [news] page, I'll try to put all the news that is from the Shirow Universe...

And finally the [links].. you'll have understood that !

Encore une preuve du talent de Shirow !

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