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september 26, 2002

Dark Horse will release It's version of Ghost in the shell 2 : Man Machine Interface the 30 october 2002.
You will get 40 pages at $3.99, and so on, for 11 months.

august 2002

Yes, believe it or not; The Kodansha Bilingual Edition of Ghost in the Shell 1 has been released (the ISBN is 4-7700-2919-5) for those who wish to special order it.
It includes the original Frederik L. Schodt translation before I mangled it, and also includes the TWO DELETED PAGES of "cyber sex." A must for hard-core fans!

july 17, 2002

Man Machine Interface will be release the 30th october 2002 in USA.
3,99$ (3,99€) with 40 pages.

The translation was made by Frederik L. Schodt ( Dreamland Japan : Writings on Modern Japan ; The World of Japanese Comics ; America and the Four Japans: Friend, Foe, Model, Mirror ; The Four Immigrants Manga : A Japanese Experience in San Francisco )

Le resume par Dark Horse :
"March 6, 2035. Motoko Aramaki is a hyper-advanced cyborg, a counter-terrorist net security expert, heading the investigative department of the giant multi-national, Poseidon Industrial. Partly transcending the physical world and existing in a virtual world of networks, Motoko is a fusion of multiple entities and identities, deploying remotely controlled prosthetic humanoid surrogates around the globe to solve a series of bizarre incidents. Meanwhile, Tamaki Tamai, a psychic investigator from the Channeling Agency, has been commissioned to investigate strange changes in the temporal universe, brought about by two forces, one represented by the teachings of a professor named Rahampol, and the other by the complex, evolving Motoko entity. What unfolds will all be in a day's work...a day that will change everything, forever. Man-Machine Interface, the long- awaited sequel to Masamune Shirow's groundbreaking Ghost in the Shell and one of the most highly anticipated comics series in many years, finally reaches American shores. Featuring 100 pages of new art and story created since its original publication, most rendered in dazzling full color with awe-inspiring digital effects on a level never before seen in the annals of graphic fiction. Shirow has raised the bar for what can be achieved on the page, page after page!."

june 26, 2002
(Dark Horse Extra #50 :
(Super Manga Blast #25 :

Dark Horse Extra #50 will be having a huge pull out poster from GITS2. Published July 31.

Super Manga Blast is going to start serialising the Appleseed Hypernotes starting from issue #25 (september) to #36.
"The Appleseed Hypernotes materials will run from Super Manga Blast! issue #25 through #36, however it should be noted that #25-#28 will have full-length stories, and 29-36 will have a smaller number of pages containing the technical data and sketches of Appleseed mech suits, weapons, and characters."
"The initial story will run in four, 19 to 29 page segments, and then for the remainder we'll be running smaller segments of the notes."
(source: Tim Ervin-Gore from an interview at

june 2002

The old OVA from 1988 is back on DVD !
(Director : Kazuyoshi Katayama)

"Anime based on the debut Manga-book by Masamune Shiro (Ghost In The Shell). A 4-page booklet included.
Special Features : (live action) promo footage"

june 2002

"Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface is officially scheduled for release in October, 2002. If you're looking for an actual day, that has not yet been fixed. Keep an eye on the Dark Horse site !

Regarding the status of the "standard" and "adult" versions of the books, Shirow has not decided on that yet--or, to be more accurate, he waffling now. He modified the pages from the limited hardcover release for the mass-market paperback in Japan, and at first he seemed amenable to letting us do a version with the original images, but now he's not sure. He seems to feel he may have gone a bit too far in the hardcover. At this point all we can do is wait and see what he decides. You'll be able to purchase the issues via mail order or at your friendly local comic book store."


"Shirow swears he's not finished with Appleseed, and that he actually intends to do a total of ten volumes, but as far as I'm aware he hasn't done any work on Appleseed 5 since the Comic Gaia stories back in 1992."


april 01, 2002

"(...) We'll be doing a completely different edition for 2003, with all different illustrations, as well as distributing the Japanese calendar.
So there will be two Shirow calendars for 2003 !"

"Not a bad thing. (^_^) Both will have a mix of published and unpublished illustrations, but even the published illos are unlikely to have been seen by many people outside of Japan."


april 2002

"Shirow is almost done flopping and modifying the pages of Man-Machine Interface for the Western audience. We hope to release the first issues in October."

"ID3 is still in the planning stages and we're still discussing options as to format and a special limited edition."


february 27,2002
(Other answers from Glenat, the publisher of shirow's work in France)

"We are actually under negotiations for the rights of Man Machine Interface, but we are still waiting for Shirow to finish a new western edition (the US version for dark horse)
When he finishes, we will be able to publish our own version! (we hope that it will happen around the end of 2002).

In the meantime, we are waiting like you guys!

Second mail :

"It seems that he'll (shirow) have finished the first half [of the western adaptation of MMI] this summer."
"We intend to translate everything from the japanese version (...)"
"We intend to divide it in two parts only, in order to keep the same kind of size as the previous volume (the french version of The Ghost in the shell were volume 1 & 2, and Man Machine Interface will be volume 3 & 4..)

Manga Department - Glenat Publishing

january 31,2002
(e-mail from Glenat)

"Actually, we are under negotiations for the rights of the Ghost in the Shell sequel, which we hope to offer you this year (or may be in early 2003)."

Manga Department - Glenat Publishing

december 18, 2001

Look for the translated version Summer 2002


december 16, 2001

Intron Depot 3 is in patient and you will be rewarded!


december13, 2001

Oshii and Production I.G will be making the MMI feature. Production I.G is also planning a GITS TV series. Both are due for release "sometime next year" but as usual, we'll see about that!


december 08, 2001
( or

We can't say much, but...Shirow is over 180 pages into his work on flopping and modifying the pages of Man-Machine Interface for the Western audience. Be prepared for some surprising decisions on his part, and many subtle changes! It's kind of fun looking for them, actually. He's being assisted by the finest Photoshop artist we've ever met, Mr. Tanaka. His work is flawless! Toren's at work on the translation for the first issue now, a long 36 page one. No release schedule yet, but as Shirow is moving so quickly, next summer/fall is not unlikely. ID3 is in the planning stages and we discussed some options as to format, plus a special limited edition. That's all for now!

june 19, 2001
and here (as Kodanclub will close soon :-(

An interview of Masamune Shirow about koukaku Kidoutai 2: MMI (Man Machine Interface), the "sequel" of Ghost in the Shell.

And also the confirmation that Mamoru Oshii will actually do the sequel of the Ghost in the Shell Movie, but it won't be the adaptation of Man Machine Interface.

february 18, 2001

First, let me apologize for not posting a Manga Newswatch in so long. This isn't a proper MN, either, but better than nothing!
The fact is that until my workload lets up (in about two to five years) I just can't see having the time. But I will continue to reply to mail, and there is 25MB+ of data on this site to explore!
I am currently in Japan and have the latest news for you all on Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface. The hardcover edition that was released with the Solid Box is NOT (as you may have surmised from the "Short Cut" notation on the final page) the completed version. (Insert groans of dismay from the fans here.) For the upcoming mass-market paperback release, Shirow will be bit-twiddling the artwork some more, as well as adding a 24-page full color Epilogue. The "Shirow release date" for this is April. As usual, don't hold your breath.
So when will our version be coming out? Well, I have discussed the various difficulties in adapting his work with Shirow many times over the years. The solution we have arrived at for the current GITS2:MMI is for him to produce a "foreign version." This is possible as the entire series exists as digital files. Shirow will flop the pages, tweak any artwork he is unsatisfied with after the flopping process, remove all sound effects, and redo the word balloons for horizontal lettering. He is also, thank God, flipping all the English "display lettering" (those of you who have the hardcover will know what I mean). I've proofed this for him and corrected the (few) errors from the HC. We will get data files from him, add the FX and translation, and away we go.
But...we can't begin until he's done with the paperback edition, and then the foreign edition tweaks. So when, you ask? I hope to begin actual production work by the end of this year at the latest, but...we're talking Shirow here. Once we start getting in data files, then I can let you all know a REAL release date. Until then...
So we have good news and bad news. Have patience, and it will one day be in your trembling hands!
Now I'd like to forestall one question--yes, there is a VERY naughty sequence in the book. Shirow knows very well this can't be sold mass-market in much of the world, and the foreign edition will have an altered version of the sequence. He has actually already done the artwork for this. However, after consultation at DH, we have decided that that issue will be available in two forms--the Shirow-altered version that will be sold through Diamond's regular catalogue, and a XXX version (even more graphic than the Japanese one!) sold via their Adult supplement. When the collection is done, there will be two versions produced--the Shirow, and a limited XXX rated.
By the way, Oshii has agreed to direct the GITS2 movie (to my surprise), and work on the TV series has begun at Production I.G.
Now I need to get back to work on Shadow Star for Super Manga Blast...I sure like this series!





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